memories lost & found ...


memories lost & found

Do you already have a memory bracelet?

A theatre bracelet for children and adults from the age of 3.

In our beautiful cooperation with good friends, the artistic consortium Breloque, we weave around a bracelet of memories a theatrical bracelet for children and adults from 3 years old.

In fact, a Breloque is a small, beautiful or ugly, expensive or cheap pendant of a bracelet. Many centuries ago, it was a small sign with many objects attached, with which towns and villages gave beggars permission to enter their homes and carry out their profession.

The pendants remind us of places, people, animals, plants, situations, love and friendship, , triggered by acoustic stimuli, objects beautifully distributed on the stage, images, stories, poems, words, dance and music. The dancer Adriana Salles, the musician Yorgos Pervolarakis, the actor Andreas Simma, set and costume designer Ragna Heiny and director Myrto Dimitriadou create a theatrical bracelet of small and big memories for young and old.

That is why we invite you to discover this theatre bracelet  with us.

This show can be performed outdoors as well.

Direction and dramaturgy: Myrto Dimitriadou
Set and image: Ragna Heiny
Musical composition and sound design: Yorgos Pervolarakis
Text creation and interpretation: Andreas Simma
Choreography and dance: Adriana Salles