of growing

Who says theatre for children from three on
says theatre for adults.
I have never seen a three-year-old child go to the theatre alone …

When Myrto Dimitriadou offered our newly founded company to work on our project « Ñemomýi », we did not hesitate for long.

« Ñemomýi » is a word of the Guarani Indians from Brazil and means transformation, movement, metamorphosis.

Adriana Salles, herself of partial Indian origin and performer in our project, suggested this title because it reflects the aesthetic principles of our play:

Metamorphosis, transformation from one state of nature to another, from one being to another – the eternal cycle of life.

Inspired by Guarani Indian creation myths, a performer, a circus silk, instruments and indigenous masks and objects on the floor tell our story:

Music and stage suggest the atmosphere of untouched nature:
Perhaps the Amazon rainforest

At the beginning, our small and big audience witness birth:
A cocoon, wrapped in the silk cloth, transforms into a celestial creature. This creature of the sky floats to earth. She opens her wings. 

Then we meet our first mask. An Indian deity. She creates the sky. 

With the sky comes the wind, with the wind, the birds.
We discover earthly creatures that also want to fly; an ocelot appears. It is again frightened away by the rain.

The sea emerges, a dolphin plays with the waves.

Last but not least, we meet a young woman, in harmony with the nature that surrounds her.

The premiere of « Ñemomýi » took place in Salzburg on 24 February 2013.

Performance: Adriana Salles

Director: Andreas Simma

Music: Hüseyin Evirgen

Stage design and costumes: Irene Edenhofer