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or hope dies -


A play for the whole family

Written, developed and improvised by ourselves, the play is about fighting ignorance, xenophobia and racism. With the means of the Commedia dell’Arte, the original form of street theatre and its characters, archetypes of human society and basic elements of European theatre up to the present day, the actors fight with a lot of humor for a world of justice and humanity.

We use the original masks of the Commedia dell’Arte, Capitano, Pantalone, Arlekino, Brighella among others. In time of Commedia, women were not allowed to wear masks – here they are!

Adriana Salles,  French Brazilian with Afro-Indigenous roots, will wear the mask of Harlekino.

Andreas Simma, former member of the Théâtre du Soleil and

Roman Maria Müller, the last pantomime of Vienna

wear the masks of the rich scrooges who value their own health and that of the international stock exchange  more than human lives,

the medical specialists who know everything better and are always arguing,

the gravediggers of the plague pit 

the emperor’s guard and many more…

The play

Our protagonist has escaped his/her cruel master on the other side of the ocean and landed in your town. In search of odd jobs, she/he struggles to get by. Suddenly the plague breaks out. Death creeps through the city. Only the policemen and gravediggers wander the streets. Everyone is afraid. Who is to blame? 

The protagonist must act. Can she change the fate and save herself?

A turbulent, satirical and bitterly wicked comedy about the plague, in which the authentical masks are more than protection against viruses. Parallels to today’s situation are no coincidence in this play.

This play is designed for small stages, pavilions, public places as well as for theatres.

We need a play ground of at least 3×3 metres.

The play was premiered as part of the Vienna Summer of Culture « Wien dreht auf » and is only waiting for one thing: to go on tour !